Imagine your dream home for a moment... is it a beautifully landscaped country property? Or is it a cozy subdivision where your neighbours are also your friends? Wherever your imagination takes you, I will be with you every step of the journey!

AMP certification

“AMP” spells excellence

I am proud to carry the AMP or Accredited Mortgage Professional designation. This designation is the only one in Canada that recognizes proficiency standards for professionals in the mortgage industry.

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Debt Consolidation

Need help refinancing your debt?

Rolling outside debt into your mortgage can be an excellent strategy saving you money in the long run and cleaning up your monthly obligations significantly! I can help you with short term relief and longer term strategies and financial goals.

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The right rate

Looking for competitive rates?

There is so much more to your mortgage than just the rate. With access to over 50 lenders you can rest assured you’re getting a competitive deal. Even better, I can match the best terms and conditions to your unique needs.

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