Country properties / Acreage / Hobby Farms

Rural properties/ Acreage / Hobby Farms

Buying a rural, acreage, or hobby farm isn’t as simple as buying an urban semi – but it can be as easy!

Whether it’s ‘room to roam’, or a true hobby farm; start out on the right track with an agent who is an expert. I adore rural living, and would be thrilled to be your mortgage agent of choice through the approval process.

Six tips to get you on the right track for your rural/hobby farm mortgage:

1. Adequate down payment, credit history, and the condition/use of the property will be the largest factors in your approval.

2. Expect an appraisal. The lender will look only at the main house and up to a certain amount of the land, i.e. 5 or 10 acres.

3. The property must be for residential use only, though hobby farms may be considered.

4. Prepare for approval by a default insurer as well, such as CMHC. This could mean a premium fee.

5. Pay special attention to the zoning (rural, agricultural, or conservation).

6. Farms for profit do not qualify under these guidelines and require a specialized agricultural lender.

Do you dream of green space and fresh air, or white-fenced paddocks? Do you remember what a freshly picked tomato tasted like?

If your property search is headed rural, then we have much in common. I’d love to help you go ‘green’!

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Did you know:

45% of first time buyers and 33% of repeat buyers use a mortgage broker for their mortgage needs.

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