The Right Rate

The big question on everyone’s mind: RATES.

Advertised everywhere are brokers and banks proclaiming the best rate. It’s a tough economy and a very competitive environment. Let’s think about this: Would you just lock yourself into the lowest rate mortgage without looking a little closer at why? Sounds like a good deal, right?

What if you or your spouse fell ill or were injured and unable to work for 6 months. Skipping a payment might be really helpful – but your mortgage didn’t have those options?…Now what?

What if you needed funds quickly to complete a renovation? A new garage, or nursery for your baby to be? What if you’re self employed and can’t get a bank loan, but you’re sitting on equity – but your mortgage won’t allow you to refinance…Now what?

What if rates dropped suddenly, or you had a large amount of consumer debt at 19%? What if the penalty to consolidate or opt out of the current term made it cost prohibitive to take advantage of…Now what?Price is what you pay. Value is what you get – Warren Buffet

Yes, I offer very competitive rates, often the same or lower as what you’re seeing advertised. However, that’s not my only focus. You need to look at many factors, including:

Service: Banker’s hours. Is it convenient for you and your spouse to meet during business hours at a branch?
Relationship: Is that banker there to support you for the life of your mortgage, get to know your financial habits and accommodate the mortgage around them?
Fees. Some lenders charge fees to the borrower
Lawyer fees may be higher if the criteria is stringent or the deal more complex
Appraisals. Can be paid out of pocket by you, the borrower
The term: 5 year terms are not the only option! Shorter terms are often advisable when your situation is likely to change in the near future.
Fixed vs. Variable Rate:
Prepayment privileges, or extra payments: Can you drop that Christmas bonus into your mortgage without penalty?
Amortization: Is a longer amortization always the best choice?

We’ve all heard that a mortgage is most likely the largest debt you’ll ever incur. Don’t rush your decision. I will walk you through it confidently and educate you to assist in your own decision making.
5 years is a long time to have a regret about a monthly payment commitment!

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Areas of Service

My primary area of service is within the Halton and Wellington regions. As a Mortgage Agent I travel extensively and am able to service areas outside those mentioned. I'd love to hear from you, get in touch with me today!

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The AMP designation

AMP certification
The AMP or Accredited Mortgage Professional accreditation is the only designation in Canada that recognizes a proficiency standard for professionals in the mortgage industry. It is awarded by the Canadian association of accredited mortgage professionals (CAAMP), an association striving to achieve a standard of excellence for mortgage agents across the country.

AMP’s are committed to a high standard of professionalism, ethical conduct, and continuing education. The AMP is not mandatory at this time. It is an elective designation that I have chosen to earn. I hope this tells you a little about my commitment to excellence, and respect for my profession.